Perfect capsule wardrobe in 7 easy steps- Day 10 – 30 Day Mom Fashion Challenge

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Perfect capsule wardrobe in 7 easy steps

In case you have not been on Pinterest in the last 2 years 😂😘… a capsule wardrobe is a small set of clothes that you can easily mix and match with each other to create numerous outfits. 

So let’s do this capsule wardrobe thing! It seems WAY more complicated than it really is. 

But I promise you when it is done it will be a LOT more liberating and less stressful to get ready every morning! 

Ok so we should have a pretty good idea of the items in our closet after decluttering from day 7. 

Today’s 30 day Mom Fashion Challenge activity: 

Start planning a fall capsule wardrobe. Also consider getting the Stylebook app to help you organize and visually see what works together without trying on your whole wardrobe every morning! Here is my ideal fall capsule wardrobe…

Great fall fashion ideas for moms! Add some great fall pieces to your 2017 fall capsule wardrobe

Row 1: Boyfriend jeans- ($78)  Plaid dress– ($17.99)  Black hoodie– ($22.99) White v-neck tee– ($15.58)  Chambray dress– ($72.95)

Row 2: Boat neck tee– ($13.99)  Denim shirt– ($26.99) Stretch knit skirt– ($11.99)  Fearfully and wonderfully made tee– ($24.99) Black henley shirt ($16.99)

Row 3:  Black leggings– ($11.99) Lace tunic– ($32.75)  Black and White plaid shirt– ($16.99)  Jeggings– ($26.99)  Kimono cardigan-($16.99)

Row 4: Pretty and Powerful tee– ($24.99) Skinny jeans– ($21.99)  Black Pea coat– ($36.38)  Ankle skinny jeans– ($115.99) Coffee and Jesus tee– ($24.99)

Row 5: Red blue plaid shirt– ($16.99) Jogger pants– ($9.99)  Pumpkin Spice tee– ($24.99) Houndstooth scarf– ($17.99) Black blazer– ($32.99)

Row 6: Wide calf wellie– ($34.99) Gray booties– ($50.46)  Black pumps– ($29.99) Brown boots– ($39.99)   Black Tom’s flats– ($84)

Step 1- Scale back even more…

You want to shoot for around 9 tops, 2-4 dresses, 5 bottoms and 5 pairs of shoes per season. If you have more but you realllllllly love the pieces by all means keep them there isn’t a “magic” number. BUT if you have 3 of the same shirt and you have that times 20… let’s donate some of that. It will save you a TON of time looking through all your clothes in the morning as well as laundry!! Also consider writing down why you didn’t end up wearing something so that if that A line dress looked horrible on you when an Anthropologie catalog comes out with a gorgeous photo of an A line dress you don’t run to go get one. 

Step 2- Write down what you already have…

so you don’t end up buying 5 pairs of black boots when you could’ve used that money to buy 1 pair and then get a couple pairs of pants and cute tops. Write down why you like the pieces you are keeping so that when you go to find any additional pieces your capsule might be missing you can get things you know work for you. For instance I love black, stripes and polka dots. So throwing in a pair of hot pink biker shorts PROBABLY won’t work and will not be worn… and be a waste of money! 

Step 3- Consider the weather…

Here in the Austin, Texas area buying a big sub below zero parka made for the Alaska tundra would not be a wise investment… kindof a no brainer. But also even having 6 jackets probably not the best either since it doesn’t get that cold her for very long. So a couple of cardigans and a jacket or two will take us through the winter. And then we can invest more of our clothing budget into cute jeans or fun tops… maybe even the ultimate ugly sweater… it is NEVER too early to plan for Christmas!

Step 4- What is your style?

If you haven’t been able to pinpoint your style write out a couple of key words that you feel describe the style you would like to describe yourself as even if you aren’t currently there yet. Work some new pieces into your wardrobe that reflect the direction you want to head towards. Here are a couple style options to consider… Boho, Minimal, Classic, Feminine, Neutral, Casual, Colorful, Modern, Tomboy, Relaxed, Playful, Preppy, Outdoorsy, Retro, Ladylike. You could even type these into Pinterest and make a board for things you like and really start refining YOUR style and what you like.

Step 5 – Mix and match pieces…

You want your bottoms to be somewhat basic so you can mix and match patterned tops and ones with different textures. Or vice versa, maybe have a plain white tee with some moto leggings and a leather bomber jacket. 

Step 6 – Include heals, flats, and a boots in your capsule wardrobe… 

Consider doing both black and or brown in each category so you can easily mix and match. These shoes can potentially be worn throughout the year. Although probably not sandals/flipflops in winter.. DUH! 

Step 7- Get creative with dresses and accessories. 

Add some SPARKLE with your accessories! We will be covering this in more detail tomorrow!

Now the items NOT included in your capsule that we have either already discussed or will discuss soon include:

The reason these are not included is they are either not typically seen or they are not meant to be worn all day long.

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