We double dog dar you to try a daring new lip color! 30 Day Mom Fashion Challenge- Day 15

Photos by: Casey James Photography  Makeup by: Citizens of Beauty; Kendra Stanton

Ok ladies, let me break it to you, this is a GREAT way to break out of your comfort zone!

When I first wore this daring new lip color it was at church and I got so many compliments on it!

P.s. This is a photo of Kendra doing my hair, she is so freaking good at what she does, if you live in the Austin area and need a makeup artist for your next event please check her out!! She did all the rest of my makeup which by the way looked amazing, right?!

And you can probably guess what kind of lipstick it is…

Lipsense. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW everyone and their tiny child is selling this stuff. BUT after trying it I realized that this stuff was AMAZING!

It really does LAST FOREVER!

I mean check out this video from these two dudes “trying it out” it is worth watching just to crack up!!

So this stuff helps your lips like CRAZY

The formula exfoliates YEARS of crappy lip balms and lipsticks you have used which help reduce lines in your lips making them look plumper, fuller, and best of all KISSABLE!! I don’t know about you but my husband would always wipe off my kiss after we kissed afraid he would get my daring new lip color on his lips. NOT ANYMORE!

TAKE NOTE WHEN APPLYING a daring new lip color!

If you get a “daring” lipsense color make sure you apply 3 THIN coats and let them fully dry in between layers this helps to set the product so it stays longer. ALSO don’t rub your lips together UNTIL you have applied gloss otherwise your lips will feel like wet paint and stick to each other (not like super glue stick, just tacky).

Today’s 30 day Mom Fashion Challenge activity: Facebook groupfacebook groupTry a daring new lip color! If you want to try some lipsense colors let me know and we can set up a lipstick “play date”. BUT even if you don’t want to try lipsense pop on a CRAZY red today and see what happens! Share your selfies and stories on our ! 


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