Mama needs a new pair of shoes too!- 30 day Mom Fashion Challenge – day 11

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I want to be a bag lady!

Not the kind wandering the streets pushing a cart full of trash, but if we see her we should smile at her and buy her lunch! But this kind of bag lady… 

  1. Shirt and skirt from Stitch FixBlack Dreamer necklace from 31bits – ($48) / Seaside tote from 31 bits – ($48)  2. Shirt and pants from Stitch Fix Blue Mix Sundance necklace from 31bits – ($58) / Purse from Thredup 3. Pink dress from Gwennie Bee Voyager necklace from 31bits – ($44) / Rainbow clutch from 31 bits– ($44) MORE IDEAS BELOW….. KEEP SCROLLING 😉

The thing I love about the following accessories is that they aren’t SUPER expensive…

as a mom you are having to clothe many different people so having a super expensive accesory is pretty much out of the question. When I was a teenager I worked at Sun Glass Hut in the mall and I KNOW it is actually better for your eyes to buy good sunglasses…. BUT when your tween borrows them and looses them, or your 4 year old SCRATCHES THEM because they look “cute” with hearts scratched on them… you just FLUSHED $100+… some of those glasses were $500!!

SOOO NOPE not going to suggest those…

but I have found some reasonably priced boots, purses and necklaces that I would love to share with you. So please read below to see more!

Photo by: Annie Beth Photography / Outfit from: Gwennie Bee / accsessories; Black quilted purse from Target– ($33.98) / Long chain necklace from Target (similar)– ($16.99) / Gold braided sandles from Target (similar) – ($16.99)

Accessories really help pull an outfit together! I mean if you wear birkenstocks with a formal dress we all know that may not work 😬😂

Here is some more ideas for accessories for your fall wardrobe…

2017 fall accesories for moms!

  1. Western low ankle boot – ($35) 2. Leather satchel – ($27.98) 3. Cole Hann Balthazar boots – ($67) 4. Catalina wedge pump– ($96.98) 5. Knotted flat mule– ($35) 6. Cole Hann Maxfeild shootie boot – ($24.99) 7. Betsey Johnson kitsch camera cross body bag– ($76.58) 8. Knee high extended calf military boot– ($39.99) 9. London Fog Ubley cut out design– ($39.99) 10. Betsey Johnson Pumpkin Spice latte bag– ($78) 11. New Balance women’s shoes– ($69.95) 12. Cole Hann Ankle bootie – ($82.11) 13. Naughty Monkey women’s poncho boot– ($130) 14. Sperry Saltwater Canvas Duck boot– ($108)

There is no need to buy a million accessories you can just mix and match them! (Use that extra money you would’ve spent to go towards buying a friend a cup of coffee! 😍☕️😍) Think of it like this, try to have a set of black, brown, and colorful accessories so they work together! 

Once you have your “sets” you can mix and match those accessories with virtually any outfit! 

Then each month you can add on fun “extras” to build your choices. And as things go out of style or your style changes you can sell this items on Facebook groups or on Craigslist. Or if you are feeling generous you can donate them to Salvation Army or a woman’s shelter! 

The cool part about this is sometimes we can’t afford a whole new outfit. But maybe we can spring for a couple accessory pieces. Which can breath new life into an outfit! Like these for fall… 

Today’s 30 day Mom Fashion Challenge activity: Mama needs a new pair of shoes too! Did you just get your kids shoes for back to school? Can mama get some? Did you get your kids a new backpack? Can mama get a new bag? Evaluate your accesosories and see if you need to make some new additions. Read below for some ideas that would be a great addition to your accessories collection!  

If you haven’t signed up for the 30 day Mom fashion challenge ===> join here and you can get to know other moms on the journey too! And there is no “close date” set right now so if you want to join in on the middle of this challenge that works and the emails will start you from the beggining and guide you through the month from when you start.

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