Healthy Meals made easy… and fit into your LBD for all your holiday parties! 30 day Mom Fashion Challenge- Day 14

Eating right is half the battle to looking and feeling good!

And when we feel good we can fit into our clothes better,and even better than that have a longer healthier life! 

But being a busy mom this can be hard! And expensive! 😞

I recently found a food delivery program called Home Chef. We have loved the chef created meals! 

It has been helping us to make MUCH better meal choices

…as a result my clothes are fitting a little looser. Not that I don’t love my body, just would like to be healthier to have more energy to play with my kids, enjoy shopping, go on adventurous dates with my husband…. and fit into that LBD for the holiday parties around the corner! 

How it works…

You sign up online at (use that link and you get $30 off your first order!) 

You fill out a survey to tell them any foods you avoid and any you prefer. 

For instance our family is predominantly gluten free so we checked that option although sometimes I pick a meal that includes gluten but substitute the noodles or flour. 

Then they send you a box with a ton of cold packs.

(water soluable, you can cut them open and dump them down the drain! Or put on dead and or dying grass and it helps to retain water and regrow your grass! 😱🌾) It also comes insulated with wrapped natural fibers which are recyclable! 

Each meal arrives packaged together in a Home Chef meal kit

Then you know what ingrediants go with each meal. Your veggies, spices, cheeses etc packed into individual “meal kits” with the exact amount of an ingredient for that particular meal. So you don’t buy a whole container of Parmesan, or a whole expensive container of truffle oil. 

They give you just enough ingredients for the recipe!

Which makes cooking go a lot faster as you aren’t having to measure out all the ingredients! So no measuring or wasting of food! 😱

They also give you a recipe card with detailed instructions in your Home Chef box…

which include photos of what each step should look like, a photo of the “end result” and images along the way to show you how things should look. Which even though I love to cook some terms I don’t understand what they mean and then the photo shows you! 💡

My husband can now make dinner too!

If my husband has a recipe he can follow it and makes a good meal.Also my husband is getting a hang of taking over the meal on occasion when our baby needs more milk (I’m nursing) all because of the photos, before I would have had to yell from the other room what was left to do 😂🙈😞😂 Without it his ADD kicks in and he gets overwelmed and we end up eating cereal.

If you like the meals…

every Friday you pick from the chef created menu available and they ship you the ingredients for those recipes. 


With 3 kids, (including a baby), and a husband who works hard, automation is KEY to everything running smoothly and everyone being happy and healthy! 

As an honest Home Chef review, we LOVE the meals.

As Texans (well lived here most of my life 😉 aggravates my husband when I say that because I was really born in Colorado ☃️❄️) we like our food “spicier” than most so sometimes we add more flavor with garlic, onion powder, basil, rosemary etc.

The portions are just enough for dinner.

Sometimes if they have you make fries and I have more potatoes in the pantry I add them because we all eat good sized portions. Also it is nice to have extra for my hubs to take it to work! We did select the option for a family of 4 and so we get 2 meals for every recipe.

Sometimes our youngest doesn’t eat these meals

or we adjust it for her picky pallet by omiting the sauce, leaving out jalepenos or mushrooms etc. But again any leftovers we have my husband takes to work so either way it will be eaten! 

So to sum it up they make home cooking easy.

Today’s 30 day Mom Fashion Challenge activity: Make a plan to eat healthier.

Try Home Chef today! 

If you haven’t signed up for the 30 day Mom fashion challenge…

===> join here and you can get to know other moms on the journey too! And there is no “close date” set right now so if you want to join in on the middle of this challenge that works and the emails will start you from the beggining and guide you through the month from when you start.

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