Hair care tips for busy moms- from Professional hair stylist Gina Cave- 30 Day Mom Fashion Challenge- Day 17


Hair Stylist: Gina Cave / Photos by: Mercedes Morgan Photography

Hair care tips for moms!

I know you are busy! I am right there with you! I know your hair is turning gray and may even be falling out from stress and age. BUT you need to know you are WORTH IT! You are worth the time, effort, money to take care of yourself! When mama is happy everyone is happy. You would be amazed by how a trim, some good conditioner/shampoo and a hair treatment can make you feel like a million dollars for a FRACTION of the price! So let’s talk about hair care tips for busy moms!

These three products have been amazing for me…

The Seaweed Co. balancing conditioner – ($10.22) Giocanni hair oil serum – ($13.66) The Seaweed Co balancing conditioner – ($10.40)

Before using these products and Gina’s hair care tips for busy moms below my hair was HEAVY, greasy at the scalp, DRY on the ends and dull. Now it is shiny and healthy. For instance even AFTER my shower before I could scratch my scalp and there was white residue left behind no matter how long I rinsed :(. So check out the tips below and grab some good clarifying shampoo and conditioner like the stuff above!

So here are some tips from my sweet friend and 20+ year hair stylist….

Gina owns a gorgeous little salon in Central Austin; 4111 medical pkwy, suite 101, 78705. 

My philosophy to hair is pretty simple…

I believe that woman should have the cutest, lowest maintenance hair as possible. When I help my clients choose a hair style, I not only look at their hair, I look at your lifestyle and hair styling skills. My job as a stylist is to teach you how to style your hair so when you leave the salon you not only feel fabulous that day but the weeks in between to your next visit. So make sure you ask your stylist questions on how they are drying your hair, how they are curling or straightening it etc. 

Hair can be cute through all stages of grow outs and color changes.

I get that when we want a change we want it now… however, it’s hair and hair is fragile and different hair reacts differently to each type of professional color brand and to each home hair product we use. No matter what age or life stage you are in your hair needs to be shiny and healthy… shiny healthy hair is always youthful. Professional products have come a long way in order to keep your hair healthy throughout color and lifestyle changes.

There as some basic principles to follow for at home hair care:

  1. When shampooing, shampoo your roots only... that means suds up your scalp and when rinsing the shampoo that passes through will cleanse the ends. 
  2. When conditioning, apply conditioner from mid-shaft down to does pay off to leave the conditioner in for a few minutes before rinsing.. with conditioner there are three words I use, snotty, slimy and silky,….gross I know. You don’t want to rinse out the conditioner so much that you rinse out all of the good stuff you just put on it, so you rinse to where you are left somewhere in between slimy and silky….not snotty!

Hair color: my personal favorite. (read some of Jess’ tips yesterday here)

A lot of us are beginning to notice a few grey around our face and right where we part it.. not to worry, this is very normal. My best advice to you is to color only the grey you see. There is no need to put color all over the hair that is not grey. A professional stylist should be able to match your natural color and cover up only those pesky greys… another way to disguise the grey is to place a few hilights in the areas that seem to be the most noticeable.. those hilights will also give you a little more depth and some umph… 

I mean COME ON, my hair looks AMAZING!

I do love all the fun mermaid looks BUT…

The reality of it is that unless you are in a great professional light and you have had days/weeks to prep your hair your hair is most likely not going to have the same results. The life span of the mermaid look is short lived…. the colors bleed onto each and fade out at a rapid rate… it is possible to burst of funky punky colors and receive the boost and excitement that those looks give you, trust me I love the fun colors, in my mind my hair is naturally pink.

As far as professional hair color goes…

You really want a stylist who understands your hair and the way it reacts to the brand they are using. I do have my favorite hair color brands.. Dickson is the color brand I use. I also use a lot of trionics haircare line to make the most beautiful blondes. Their product is unique in the way that it uses enzymes found in sea kelp to lighten hair, pretty remarkable. It allows you to lighten hair without the damage that a high lift tint can do. 

Bring pictures into their appointments…

It is important that your stylist understands what you see in the hair styles that you like. When looking for a new stylist ask those ladies you see in the school lines, at the office or at the gas pump who cuts their hair… chances are a hair stylist somewhere along the way has taught them how to style their hair. Always ask your stylist for a blow dry lesson, this will allow you to wear many different styles. Once you understand that hair drying skills are the foundation of great hair. Don’t let the blow dryer overwhelm you. My number one tip is to learn to dry your hair from the roots out. 

I urge you to see your stylist at least every 6 weeks for maintenance..

This gives you and your stylist a chance to expand your relationship.. as a hairstylist, mom and friend I want my clients to feel beautiful and confident with their hair skills. It also helps maintain healthy looking hair! I hope you enjoyed these hair care tips for busy moms! 

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