Why dying your hair even as a mom is freeing and fun! Day 16 – 30 Day Mom Fashion Challenge

why dying your hair even as a mom is freeing and fun!

Are you tired of the same old same old?

It is like there is a “Mom” hair cut/color/style we are suppose to live up to and if we change it we shock the world.

Well I am here to tell you let’s shock the world together!

In this day and age people are “breaking molds” at a lightning fast pace. So what is holding you back??Do you want  some purple streaks? Some blue tips? Want to go all pink? WHY NOT! LET GO be daring, you only live once!!! And who cares what your grandparents think? (no offense grandma, love you 😉 It is your hair anyway.

This 30 Day Mom Fashion challenge is suppose to push you outside of your box and CHALLENGE YOU!

So do something “crazy” and “fun” for a change! Are you ready to jump in?

Ok here are a couple suggestions on coloring your hair….

1. Go see a stylist-

This is probably one of the best options to ensure that you don’t FRY your hair or get dye all over the place! I have been dying my hair now for over 10 years so I will share with you some of the tips I have picked up on dying my own hair but it is NOT for the faint of heart OR for a Pinterest perfect remodeled bathroom! So if you are in the Austin, Texas area I would love to refer my friend Gina Cave. (She recently cut my hair and gave me some awesome hair tips that I will share with you more tomorrow so make sure to check back!)

2. Use box dye-

Let me warn you this is NOT easy! It will make a giant mess. BUT if you are willing to give it a try let me share with you a couple of tips that I have used over the years to minimize the mess…

  1. USE gloves!! It WILL dye your hands and make you look like a crazy person if you don’t use the gloves. They usually include some in the box. But they may not be that strong or give you enough length so try these… Disposable gloves– $9.86How to dye your hair from a box
  2. Have a scouring pad ready!! Ok this is going to sound crazy but you will want to have this ready to scrub off the dye from your hands, neck, ears, forhead etc. where you accidentally get hair dye. These are the best… How to dye your hair from a box3m scotch brite scrub sponge – $5.49 (and my Dad works for 3m so you should support them they are an awesome company;)
  3. Wear old clothes!! This may be a DUH thing but I can’t tell you how many shirts I have ruined thinking the towel around my neck was enough.
  4. Get 2 dark towels. Wrap one dark towel around your neck to keep some dye from getting on your neck as well as your clothes. how to dye your hair from a boxTowel set– ($27.99) (if possible reserve this towel for dying hair so it is always available and you don’t ruin your other towels)
  5. Have some dark washclothes available to wipe up any dye that gets on the walls, sink, floors, mirrors, etc. Unless you like the Jackson Pollock look then by all means skip this step.
  6. I have heard putting Vaseline around your forhead, ears, neck etc. helps to keep from getting dye on yourself, let me know if that works I haven’t tried that one yet. Vaseline– $11.53How to dye your hair from a box
  7. Take a big plastic cup and a scouring pad into the shower. Your shower will get dye alllllll over the shower, it is ok don’t freak out. Finish rinsing your hair until the water is clear. Once it is running clear use your big cup to rinse off the walls and tub. If there are any spots use the scouring pad to get rid of them.


Like I said it is a MESS!! BUT when you are on a budget you do what you got to do.

3. Use hair chalk or hair spray-

If you are looking for something fun to try on the weekend try some hair chalk or even the hair spray ( you know the kind they use for halloween, my oldest used a can of pink spray on my youngest. She has blonde hair so it was SUPER VIBRANT. Since I dye my hair it was hard to get mad at them. Although we did talk about how they need to ask next time.) This option is a mess, it leaves a residue and make sure you use a dark towel around your clothes before spraying or chalking your hair and make sure you aren’t wearing your favorite shirt either!

4. Grab some fun clip in hair extensions

This is seriously the most fun, quickest and relativly cheapest option. This is a good option for those of you who have a “serious” job during the week but want to have “fun” on the weekend.

If you haven’t signed up for the 30 day Mom fashion challenge…

===> join here and you can get to know other moms on the journey too! And there is no “close date” set right now so if you want to join in on the middle of this challenge that works and the emails will start you from the beggining and guide you through the month from when you start.

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