Drink UP butter cup! – 30 day Mom Fashion Challenge – Day 12

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Tips on drinking more water!

We all know how vital water is right!?

We are made up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. 😱

Drink more water for beauty...water tips!

Glitter bomb bottle – ($22.88)

Also it aids in digestion, healthy complexion/ skin, clears toxins from body, aides in weight loss, boosts metabolism, helps you focus, boosts immunity, gives you more energy, helps reduce headaches and migraines, helps lubricate joints… 😱😱😱

All of these amazing benefits in something God made and is FREE!! 

Drink more water for beauty...water tips!

After this we’re getting pizza bottle – ($20)

I love coffee as much as the next girl…

but on the days I only have coffee I feel like my insides are twisting and I am in the desert in search for the closest watering hole! 

Drink more water for beauty...water tips!

Stainless steel Tumbler– ($32.99)

side note: these are great for keeping your beverage cold ALLLLL DAY! 

So here are a couple tips that help me to drink more water…

Get a cute water bottle

Drink more water for beauty...water tips!

Glass Camelbak with silicone sleeve– ($24.95)

I know this sounds a little “frivolous” but it seriously helps! When you have a cute bottle you are less likely to loose it because it is so adorable you don’t want it to spend the night anywhere but in your arms.. or hands 🙈😂. 


Make sure it is BPA free!

Drink more water for beauty...water tips!

BKR BPA free bottle– ($30)

A lot of the disposable/ recyclable bottles contain BPA unless otherwise stated. According to Mayo Clinic “BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate plastics are often used in containers that store food and beverages, such as water bottles. They may also be used in other consumer goods. Some research has shown that BPA can seep into food or beverages from containers that are made with BPA. Exposure to BPA is a concern because of possible health effects of BPA on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. Additional research suggests a possible link between BPA and increased blood pressure.

Use a Filter bottle…

Drink more water for beauty...water tips!

Brita Filter Bottle– ($17.50)

for your water if you can’t afford to have a filtration system installed! 


Infuse it with fruit for more flavor! 

Drink more water for beauty...water tips!

Lemon water bottle– ($10.69)

MAN Lemon water has some AMAZING benefits, look it up!! With this bottle you can put the fruit in the bottom and it will filter throughout the water. (watch the how to videos via the link above!)


Use a Water tracker water bottle

Pregnancy/Breast feeding water tracker– ($21.99) After this we are getting cake water tracker– ($18.99)

…helps to keep track of how much you need to drink throughout the day. Great for nursing moms or if you are trying to loose weight.

Today’s 30 day Mom Fashion Challenge activity: I bet you guessed it… drink more water!! Compete with a friend! Show us your  bottle over on our Facebook group! Let’s see if we can keep drinking throughout the challenge! 

If you haven’t signed up for the 30 day Mom fashion challenge ===> join here and you can get to know other moms on the journey too! And there is no “close date” set right now so if you want to join in on the middle of this challenge that works and the emails will start you from the beggining and guide you through the month from when you start.

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