The right kind of coffee can actually be good for you! 30 day Mom Fashion Challenge- Day 13

The right kind of coffee can actually be good for you

Hello Gorgeous cup of ☕️! 😍

Why are we including coffee in our fashion challenge!?

Well cute coffee cups are all over Instagram and can actually be healthy for you! 

And when we are healthy it helps us to be more “fashionable” moms, and have more energy to look cute being moms! 😘

I like big CUPS and I can not lie!

Before I get into the awesome health benefits … let’s talk about cups! I am a SUCKER for a cute coffee cup! For the longest time my husband and I couldn’t afford extravagant gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or Anniversary so instead we would go pick out fun cups we loved! 

It is a sweet “treat” that brightens your day EVERYDAY! Having things in your life that you love and add beauty to your life really amps up your creativity! And makes for a fun fashion accessory to carry around, I mean you look all cute and then you are going to carry around a gas station cup of coffee? 

AND it is way cheaper to make your own and put it in a cute cup than pay $5 everyday! 🙄😱💰

1. Hello Gorgeous mug– ($8) 2. No talkie before coffee travel mug– ($5.99) 3. Coffee is my BFF travel mug– ($17) 4. Lattes & Lipstick mug– ($19.95) 5. “Would you like for me to take the wheel” Jesus travel mug– ($14.98) 6. Mom Fuel travel mug– $6.99 7. Romantic walks in Target mug– ($12.95)

So in case you bought into this idea that coffee is bad let me suggest … that it can actually be good for you! 

According to Dr.…. it can be linked with the following benefits:

  • protection against neurodegenerative diseases
  • improved heart health
  • cancer protection
  • diabetes protection
  • ability to fight depression
  • increased energy and concentration
  • better physical performance
  • improved asthma control
  • lower risk of select gastrointestinal diseases

Also if you are like me you probably add a TON of sugar and milk/cream to the point where my hubs asked “would you like coffee with your milk” 🙊😂😂😂

Well my hubs and I started: Gathered Together Coffee Roasters ; where we learned some HUGE MIND SHIFTING things about coffee! 

  • It is not all bitter, it depends on the bean and how it is roasted! Ours is NICE AND SMOOTH! 
  • Dark roast actually has less caffeine! The longer you roast the bean the more caffeine that is extracted from the bean… it doesn’t make it “stronger”! It only changes the flavor of the bean… soooo you can keep your smoky and bitter flavored beans thanks I will take more caffeine in my medium and light roast! 
  • Unless it is fair trade the coffee farmer is being MASSIVELY SCREWED OVER (sorry for the language! 😬, but true)! Without it being fair trade they are most likely not making HARDLY ANY money from the labor of producing the beans they may even be stuck in modern day slavery! 😞😭 So PLEASE pay the extra $1-$3 and get fair trade! 
  • There is a theory that mold on beans (I.e. Beans roasted months or years ago and sit on the shelf) cause crashes…  true or not I have noticed a HUGE difference once we started drinking our fresh roasted coffee! I no longer crash the energy just slowly fades. And I don’t have caffeine headaches anymore either! 

So even if you don’t get organic, fair trade, fresh roasted coffee from us please research and find so

me! It is good for your health, the environment, and the coffee industry! 

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